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Workplace Renovation and Decoration


Our employees spend at least one third of their day at the workplace, depending on the line of business they operate. In some workplaces our people spend 14-15 hours of their day, some workplaces have to be open 24 hours. Therefore, the places where such a long time is spent should be suitable for the needs of our people, make them happy and feel spacious.

As BOYDEK Construction Renovation Decoration, we transform your workplaces into spaces that you will enjoy spending time in, facilitate your work and expand your business opportunities with our unique solutions and designs suitable for the requirements of the business line, customers and environmental conditions.

With our teams, each of whom are experts in their own field, our site-specific designs, quality materials and workmanship applications, we ensure that the workplaces such as cafes, bars, restaurants, markets, shops, halls, offices, factories, and so on, have a structure increasing efficiency, and that you and your guests work with ease in a specious environment.

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We are making your dreams come true by renovating your houses and workplaces with our 15-year experience
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