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Renovation Process

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Within the scope of the assessment, the first step of the renovation process, we first learn the expectations of our users from us. Subsequently, by conducting a detailed examination of the place to be renovated, we determine whether the customer’s needs and requests are applicable under the current conditions. In case of inapplicable requests, we offer our alternative solution suggestions, finalize the worksto be done and list them one by one.



We define the project cost by pricing on the agreed to-do list. We present our official quotation to the customer by adding the special conditions, if any, regarding the customer requests and the materials to be used.



We prepare the renovation contract, containing but not limited to the to-do list listed in items, special conditions of the customer and the contractor (if any), payment plan, delivery date and other similar provisions, and submit it for the signatures of the parties.


Work Plan:

We prepare a detailed work plan by taking into account the works to be done, environmental conditions and customer needs / requests specified in the Renovation Contract and plan the works to be done day by day. First of all, we prepare the designs for the renovation in three dimensions and present them to the customer’s preference. We start the renovation process within the scope of the design approved by the customer.


Process Management and Quality Control:

Within the scope of the prepared work plan, we prevent any malfunction or mistake by checking the quality and control of the daily work. We ensure the sustainability of the progress by coordinating the works to be done in the next step in line with the control of the works done during the day.



After all the works are completed, we prepare and sign the handover report stating that the renovation is completed as planned and in time, the necessary payments are made as agreed and the property is handed over to the customer, and we handover the renovated place to the owner.

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