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As BOYDEK Construction Renovation Decoration, we meet all kinds of renovation needs of our customers with our expert teams,who has years of experience in the field and whom we have been constantly working with, and our professional teams from outsidefrom whom we receive service.


Planning, control and coordination team:

It is our team that ensures the preparation of the work plans of our projects, the quality control of the daily works and the coordination of the works to be done.


Demolition-Debris and transport team:

Our team, which has adopted the principle of carrying out demolition and debris transportation works within the scope of renovation with the least damage to the environment, has the technical equipment and experience to carry out demolitionand debris transportation in all kinds of places. Our demolition team,by finishing their work as soon as possible,pays special attention to minimizing the noise disturbance given to the environment especially in these days when distance education and working from home are more common than ever before.


Wall plasterboard and suspended ceiling team:

Our wall plasterboard and suspended ceiling team has the means and capability to make all kinds of partitions and decorative suspended ceilings in the space where the renovation is made in accordance with the customer’s preference.


Plumbing team:

Our sanitary installation team has the capability, equipment and experience to perform all kinds of sanitary installation works such as changing the locations of radiators, flush-mounted installation, sanitary ware and accessory installation in the places to be renovated.


Electrical installation team:

Our electrical team has technical knowledge, equipment, capability, skill and other means to perform all kinds of electrical works in terms of renovation such as but not limited to flush-mounted installation renewal, electricity, antenna, internet line pulling, adding additional sockets, connecting door automatic line, installing camera system, flush and surface-mounted electrical installation and cable laying works, etc.


Screed and Plaster team:

Our Screed and Plaster team level the surface and prepare it for coating / painting before wall and floor coverings or, if needed, painting within the scope of renovation. In addition, our team is competent to apply all kinds of decorative plaster on interior and exterior walls in accordance with the customer’spreference.


Tile, ceramic, marble team:

Since they are the parts that appeal to the eye in the areas where renovations are made, the tile, ceramic and marble workmanship is of particular importance and requires refinement. In this context, our teams that make granite, ceramic or tile coating and countertop manufacturing / installation in wet floors such as bathrooms / toilets and kitchens in line with the customer’s preference, create works of art in these spaces with their delicate workmanship.


Plaster and painter team:

Our plaster and paint team, as well as our tile, ceramic and marble team, have to be competent as they work directly on the eye. Our teammates skillfully perform these works that require fine and delicate workmanship and create works that appeal to the eye pleasure of our customers.


Furniture team:

Our expert furniture team is,with their modular, functional, unique designs and productions suitable for your preference and environmental conditions, competent to meet all kinds of furniture requirements you may need in terms of renovation such as but not limited to kitchen, bathroom and pantry cabinets, TV units, cloakroom, unique bedroom, youth room, baby room and bookshelves, etc.


Joinery team:

Our joinery team is competent to manufacture and install all kinds of wooden, aluminum or PVC doors, windows, glass balconies, handrails within the scope of renovation, in accordance with the customer’s preference and the conditions of the place.


Parquet team:

With our parquet team, we gracefully cover the floors of the spaces where renovations are made, in accordance with the customer’s preference and the conditions of the space. In addition to the coating applications that require sensitive and fine workmanship, our teams also skillfully polish old coatings that are not required to be renewed.

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