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Our Principles

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Every project is the first project: We, as BOYDEK Construction Renovation Decoration, have been working with the enthusiasm and excitement of the first day for 15 years, with the awareness that our first work will be a reason for assurance and advice for our future works, based on the saying, “Actions speak louder than words”. With each project being our first project, each day in a project is the first day for us.


BOYDEK, the address of quality and trust: As it is a tedious and costly process, renovation is not a process that can be done frequently. For this reason, it is a must to make the renovation in a way that will not cause any problem in the long term, taking into account the requests and needs of the user and environmental conditions. With this awareness in mind, we as BOYDEK Construction Renovation Decorationdo not compromise on the quality of materials and workmanship we use. Considering the problems that may be caused by malfunctions in the flush-mounted electrical and water installations, we trust the quality of the work we do in these areas and offer a 5-year warranty.


Detailed work plan and process control: Since each line of work to be done during the renovation process will affect each other and is dependent on each other, the works to be done should be planned in detail day by day. Otherwise, some points may be overlooked and some works may have to be done over and over again. Since this will prolong the process, it will increase the difficulties and the costs to be endured. As BOYDEK Construction Renovation Decoration, we plan the works to be done day by day before starting the project, and we constantly check the compliance of every work done with this plan. In this way, we ensure that the process proceeds and completes as planned without any error in time.


Continuous communication: As BOYDEK Construction Renovation Decoration, we constantly communicate with our customers and inform them about the progress of the process. When an unexpected or unforeseen situation is encountered, we inform our employers and offer our possible solutions, and then apply the solution suggestions approved by them.

Sustainable Progress: Within the scope of the work plan we have prepared, while ensuring the control of the works to be done on the one hand, on the other hand, we ensure that a sustainable progress is achieved by coordinating the works to be done in the next step.

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